Episode 01: Crushing it! By Gary Vee

The 52 Podcast is all about growth. We are searching for the answers to all of our questions; come along for the journey. Your Host’s, Ross Iannarelli and Mor Milo, will be diving head first into controversial topics, business strategy and key insight. They will be reading 52 Books in 52 Weeks. Making every week count! Bringing massive value from books guaranteed to add to your personal and professional development. In addition to insightful book reviews, you can expect guests with unbelievable stories. High level executives, business professionals, entrepreneurs, coaches and so many more. Also, join Ross and Mor as they navigate another start-up, Keylight LA, Ross and Mor’s Digital Marketing Agency. Learn from their mistakes, celebrate their victories, and use the wisdom they discover to make your vision a reality!

Crushing it! By Gary Vaynerchuk is a jaring awakening for any aspiring social media influencer. For those who think that Social Media is a waste of time or is an easy fix to improve their current income, this book is not friendly. However for those patient and driven enough to put in the work, the results have the potential to blow you away. In Crushing It!(2018), Gary breaks down the importance of a number of notable social platforms and how to most effectively engage with an audience on said platforms through a series of anecdotes. All the guest stories in the book, feature business owners, influencers and entrepreneurs whose lives changed from the prequel to this book, Crush It!(2009). And for the record, I wildly approve. Incredible stories and a great read.

Gary makes it very clear throughout the book that Social Media success is not something to be taken lightly. Your success on these platforms is directly correlated to the amount of effort and strategy you put into them. Not sure if you’ve noticed, there are a ton of platforms. Crushing It! is about understanding how each platform can uniquely engage an audience and in order to find out which medium will be most effective, you must not only be up to date on the newest and hottest platform but you must also be a pioneer when it comes to posting on those platforms to effectively take advantage of the land grab available to those who can spot them. And in the words of Gary Vee, “Everyone’s an ass until they’re a pioneer.”

What is a land grab? Great question. We didn’t know either until Crushing It! explained it to us on a granular level. The term land grab refers to an available space for effective, inexpensive, and crucial engagement on new platforms. It is the concept of being a pioneer on the newest social fronts to understand the marketplace and create influence in a new platform before the rest of the world catches on. The only way to find these opportunities is to continually be on the lookout for them.

One example of an incredible land grab, as Gary points out, that is currently being extremely underutilized is voice first. Devices like Alexa and Google Assistant will create massive efficiencies for average consumers in the future. With skills that allow for anything from the perfect wine pairing, to seasonal gardening care tip, to the daily news, voice first will be an excellent way for consumers to interact with your content though transitional periods in their day. The 15 mins after waking up, the first 15 mins after getting home from work, the last 15 mins of your day, etc. The real secret sauce is for the overachievers and brilliant thinkers who can get creative and take voice first to the next level. For whoever finds the best way to engage audience through voice first that extends farther than a quick news audio clip or a simple “how to” answer, the possibilities are endless.

So what about all the Social Platforms that are currently making Gary lots of money? Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Musically, Podcasts, etc.? Don’t worry, we got plenty of tips, tricks and insights on all of those too. Check out The 52 Podcast Episode 1 on Spotify, Anchor, and Youtube! Make sure to subscribe for weekly podcast releases every Monday! Let us know how we can bring more value to your world.

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