The 52 | 04: Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink

Pay attention leaders! Extreme ownership is what you need in your life. Ownership is the practice of being responsible for everything and anything that happens to you, for you, against you, or around you. Yes. Even the shit that isn't your fault. Extreme Ownership is the foundation of any effective leader. Lieutenant Commander Jocko Willink and right hand man now Lieutenant Commander Leif Babin, are gun slinging, ass kicking Navy Seal Leaders who earned their way to the top and served our country on Task Unit Bruiser in Ramadi, Iraq. These badass individuals are proven leaders and have compiled a list of principles, stories and real world applications to teach through powerful examples of leadership. Whether it’s business tactics or war sagas, there are things to learn at every turn. They point out the fact that leadership principles in combat can very easily and effectively be used to solve everyday problems in the real world; especially within business hierarchy.

The journey though extreme ownership is dramatic and informative. Effective and entertaining. Uplifting and heart wrenching. For those that take interest in tales of woe, battle victories, and swift, savvy business execution, your fingers will fly through the pages and your heart will race from beginning to end. For those still unconvinced, let me give you a glimpse. I'll make sure to leave out all the gory detail for those scared of spoilers.

As you might have guessed, this book is divided into three sections. They’re Seals; structure, organization and discipline should be expected. Part one: Winning the War Within. Develop mindset and leadership building blocks to succeed. Part two: The Laws of Combat. The dictation of the four major principles for you to lead a team with success. Part three: Sustaining Victory. Illuminating the nuances of leadership and how to continue to lead adjust and win over time. Follow along as Jocko and Leif take you step by step and explain every angle of effective leadership.

This 384 page nonfiction manual for next level leadership is worth the read. For those still making excuses or searching for more, not to worry, catch a keynote discussion on Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink that addresses all of the major points throughout the book. Episode 04 of The 52 Podcast is now available on Spotify, Youtube, Anchor, and Follow us @the52podcast on instagram. The Podcast links are in the bio. Make sure to subscribe for weekly podcast releases every Monday, Youtube Video Podcast every Tuesday and Blog Posts every Wednesday. Let us know how we can bring more value to your world. This week, read along as we dive into a classic! “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Podcast coming Monday September 23rd.

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