The 52 | 05: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Everyone wants to be rich.

I know the first thing going through your mind is, “That’s not true! Not everyone wants to make a billion dollars, ride around in private jets and accumulate massive wealth.” I read that and I am already rethinking my argument. Why wouldn’t everyone want that? Then again, who am I to judge the priorities of others. You are right. Not everyone wants to accumulate massive wealth, break a world record, or lead a nation. However, everyone wants to be rich. Riches take shape in many forms. Riches come in the form of familial love, partnership, self confidence, higher thinking, elevated spirituality, peace of mind, happiness, etc.

Accumulating riches requires the same principles no matter the form of riches you desire. “Think and Grow Rich,” is the philosophy of achieving great things by first conquering your own mind. Napoleon Hill has dedicated his life to learning and understanding these principles by interacting with the greatest minds of his time. Men the likes of Andrew Carnegi, Henry Ford, Thomas Edision, and many more. This book provides insight into the minds of these influential leaders that developed and changed the business landscape at the turn of the previous century. Topics ranging from auto suggestion to sex as a stimulant for business growth. The philosophy accounts any person interested in creating vast fortunes of riches of all kinds.

To this day, masterminds of all proportions are being held in rooms big and small to discuss key topics in this book. It truly blows my mind that a book published in 1937 could still be so relevant today. I believe that the philosophies relevance has to do with the way the book is written. Instead of looking at the actionable tactics of an accomplished businessman, Napoleon has decided to take a deeper look into these men’s ethics, mindset and ways of being to better understand the thinking behind growing rich. For those just beginning their journey of self discovery, this book is a great foundation for a blooming personal development practitioner. This classic read holds a vast cauldron of wisdom and due to the widespread adoption of Napoleon's philosophy, that cauldron continues to be stirred and stewed. Thinking and Growing Rich is a mindset that allows for constant development and improvement. It offers a humble and honest perspective on what it takes to be successful in obtaining the things you want most in this life.

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