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The 52 | 06: The Virgin Way by Sir Richard Branson

Here's a contradictory thought. If it’s not fun its not worth doing. A bold line from Sir Richard Branson. The Virgin Way is a light hearted, go getter team culture, that focuses on the power of we. Tearing down the walls and sielos of Corporate America and replace them with a can do attitude and open space. This shift in attitude allows for massive creativity, unadulterated teamwork, and unwavering ownership. Richard believes that in order to get the most out of his employees, an open door policy is the only way. Opting for less traditional methods to ensure the collaboration of his team on all fronts.

This book breaks down the history of Virgin and all of its subsidiary companies. When i think of Virgin, I think of rock and roll and hospitality. Whether in the skies, or on the shores of the Virgin Islands. Inclusivity is the key to making everyone feel special. Their fresh take on business and there inherent desire to create incredible customer experiences, has placed them among the best. They create loyalty through being the pinnacle of customer service and they do so in style!

For more commentary on this exciting book check out Episode 06 of The 52 Podcast is now available on Spotify, Youtube, Anchor, and KeylightLA.com. Follow us @the52podcast on instagram. The Podcast links are in the bio. Make sure to subscribe for weekly podcast releases every Monday, Youtube Video Podcast every Tuesday and Blog Posts every Wednesday. Let us know how we can bring more value to your world. This week, read along as we dive into a classic! “Unfuk Yourself,” by Gary John Bishop. Podcast coming Monday October 7th.

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